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What is Helsinki Book Fair Goes Digital?

The aim is to bring the highlight of the cultural and litterature year in a virtual form to the exceptional year. 

For the visitors:

  • Possibility to follow the programme, exhibitor introductions and content
  • Buy books through fair offers

For the exhibitors:

  • Possibility to bring out writers, new books and increase interest
  • Grow visibility in a desired target group
  • Increase sales

In media:

  • Increase visibility in the most attractive time period in the end of October
  • Increase the book sales through increased media coverage

How is this made possible?

In 2019 the Book Fair had 92,000 visitors, and during the event the web pages had 67,000 users and over 100,000 sessions. This year the online content is increased and marketing is directed to the web pages.

  • To browse the web pages, learn about the exhibitors and their offers is free
  • To follow the programme is for charge
  • The web pages offers a sizeable targeted visitor group and a possiblitity to direct the visitors the exhibitors’ own online services and web pages
  • Suomen Videoviestintä SVV Oy takes care of the programme streaming


The sales and partnerships has already started

  • Exhibitors have a chance to update their profile pages from 30 September onwards
  • Profiler page is the virtual exhibition stand and free for the online visitors

Programme is published on 23 September 

  • Book clubs through October on Facebook Live and web pages (free of charge)
  • Focus on the hottest new books and all current social discussions

Ticket sales starts on 23 September at Messukeskus online shop.

The event opens to the visitors on Thursday 22 October at 9:45.

  • The event programme is beyond the paywall and with fulltime ticket the programme can be watched until 8 November.


Over 200 programme presentations – on three stages – for four days.

  • 2 live stages, which programme is curated by Programme Director Ronja Salmi
  • 1 commercial stage, whcih programme consists of content by the partnerships
  • Stage programme is executed in Messukeskus with high quality and multi-camera technique. The streaming service is provices by Suomen Videoviestintä SVV
  • Stage programme is done both by Live Stream production and prerecording
  • All event content can later be viewed as recordings later.
  • Virtual stage web page includes a video feed, programme, advertising space and between presentations advertisement breaks.

Exhibitor visibility: profile pages

Profile page is the page 

Profile page is a page that exhibitors manage themselves. Pages introduce the company, company’s products and services.

  • Visitors are referred to the desired content, either on the event page, or to outside sources​
  • Text, pictures, videos, downloadable content and links can be added to the site​
  • Contains links to the company’s products in the fair catalogue, and presentations on the programme stages

Fair offers

All virtual fair products can be seen on a categorised view on the web pages

  • Products are linked to the company profile page
  • Product information: pictures, description, price, links
  • The service is not a web shop – the purchase is made in the company web shop or through offer requests
  • The idea is to collect all offers in one place, show them and direct them in to the company’s own existing sales funnel


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