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A huge programme

13 programme venues, more than 40 international literary guests. This years theme country is France.

International guests

Theme country of the year – France

Theme country

French writer and film director Éric Vuillard has written the book L’Ordre du jour (The Order of the Day), that is an extremely accurate description of Nazi Germany. The book won the French literature prize Prix Goncourt in 2017 and has been sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The Order of the Day, Päiväkäsky, is the first book of Vuillards that is translated into Finnish.

International writers

The theme country is France, but the event will feature over 40 international writer guests from around the world, including well-known novelist, screenwriter and actor David Nicholls, known from the novel One Day, Simone Buchholz and Arne Dahl, who has won prizes from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Lost in transformation? The Nordic Council Literature Prize

The poetry collections and Kurtto’s novel navigate between history, surrealism, everyday issues, climate crisis – and the future.

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Young people in a post-apocalyptic future The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize

These sci-fi novels set in a fantasy future, address a young audience growing up with multimedia and enhanced reality. The novels are set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the protagonists face challenges of life and death.

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Simone Buchholz is one of the most attractive German crime authors of today and her high quality crime novels set in Hamburg are becoming even more popular all the time.

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France, paradise for book lovers?

Strolling through a French city would have any book lovers die with envy. Unlike many western countries, France has managed to keep a closely-knitted network of independent booksellers and publishers resulting in a wide diversity of publications and means of distribution throughout the country.

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An event full of of stories

Unique atmosphere

Over 1,100 performers